Tuesday, December 6, 2011

In Response to Erin's Blog Entry on the Electoral College

I agree with you Erin, eliminating the electoral college needs to be done for a fair democracy. Every person's vote should count and we shouldn't have to depend on the electoral college to make that decision for us. All of us are capable of thinking critically because we are educated. As history has shown, we have made incredible progress in technology, putting the information we need at hand in order to critically think and cast our vote for President.

When we cast our vote on election day, we are not casting our vote in hopes that our chosen candidate is elected but we are essentially casting our votes in hopes that our electoral college votes the same way. Did you know that 48 out of the 50 states give electoral votes to the the candidate who wins the majority in their state? Like Florida, who recieves 28 electoral votes, gives all of their electoral votes to the majority voted candidate, no matter how close the race. Yet, those of the electoral college are in no way required to vote according to what the actual state has voted. Eighty-seven times in the past, electors have voted againt the wishes of the the people who have elected them. Crooked as it seems, the electoral college made sense in the 1700s when information was inaccessible to the ordinary citizen. Because information moved slowly, and our country was so vast, the electors of the electoral college were sent to washington to get the latest information in order to make their vote for the people. Nowadays, technology has given the people information as quickly as a click of a mouse.

We had to depend on the electoral college back when horses were the only way of transportation and useful politically information was invested in our electors of the electoral college. Now, the people have the power of information.

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